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To howl with a pack of wolves is a privilege and I am one of the few lucky ones!

To howl with a pack of wolves, even though being zoo wolves, is an amazing experience. Sometimes when driving at nighttime in wolf regions in Sweden, I have stopped the car and gone out and howled, hoping to get an answer. But unfortunately without results, which would have been the optimal howling experience.

The wolf uses his howling mainly to communicate with the pack and isolated individuals and to keep it together. The howling also warns other wolves that are not part of the pack, not to violate their territorial grounds. The howl of a wolf can be heard at more then 10 kilometers distance.

The language of the wolf is very well developed, where the howling together with body language and scent tells very clearly what the wolf wants to say.

Barking though, on the contrary to our domesticated dogs, is only used by wolfs as a warning signal.

And while talking about dogs, there are a lot of dogs that use howling to feel socially related to a group. 

I will never forget waking up one early morning, at a training camp, to the sound of howling. When peeking out, I saw three sables (gray) German Shepherd females howling together.

That is what makes my body hair rise!!

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