The main food source for the wolves is large hunting prays, for example; moose, reindeer and several other deer species. Often one or two species are representing up to 50 % of the wolves food supply.


There is a connection between the dominating hunting prays size and the number of wolves in the group of wolves. In the areas where moose is the important pray you will find groups of as much as 15-20 wolves. In other areas where the main pray is deer; the normal group is set with 6-8 wolves.


One wolf alone is able to eat as much as 8-9 kilograms of food, but is often content with 2-3 kilograms.


This practically means that a moose is presenting many meals for the pack of hunting wolves. The wolf is predestinated to, and able to eat a lot when it is offered a pray, but can also starve and wander for a very long stretch of time without eating. This ability in the wolf is also recognized in our modern dogs, who can cope amazingly long periods without food.



These are zoo wolves eating an old goat!